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Racing, local cuisines, and wonderful hotels, DrivingArt combines all these charming elements into various travel plans around China, Japan, the USA and Germany, and presents you the latest rules on international racing, popular trends on car modifications and advanced techniques on driving.


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<Tokyo drift> DrivingArt Racing Travel Plan. Aug 7th-11th 2019




This is a travel plan full of wonders.

This is a travel plan about drift and racing!


Tokyo Drift Travel Plan will offer you an in-depth experience around Japan, where the sport of drift originated. DrivingArt will take you to meet the true character behind Initial D and show you around the core area in Japan drift circle. This is something really beyond an ordinary travel plan, it’s the real thing about drift!


By visiting, you can observe how top Japanese racers practice everyday and learn from them.


Fees include:


1, Beijing/Shanghai to Japan Round Tickets

(Price difference will be charged if other cities)


2, Mini-bus shuttle service inside Japan

(Light traveling preferred, one suitcase per person)


3, 4-nights hotel single occupancy


4, Food and beverage inside Japan

(Extra fees applied for extra food and beverage)


5, Top Japan and China champion racers accompany


6, Japanese-Chinese Interpretation

(Welcome all the questions regarding driving, modification and competition)


7, Hot Lap Experience, insurance and helmet


8, Entrance tickets inside Japan


9, Photography service

(Daily updates of videos and images)


Accompanying Stars:

Zhang Shengjun: 4-times Annual Overall Champions of China Drift Championship

Oyama takumi: DrivingArt Japan Senior Drifting Advisor

Han Yue: Multi Guinness Stunt Driving Titles Holder

Mu Yao: DrivingArt Senior Photographer



 Itinerary (5 days 4 nights)

DAY1: Rendezvous at Tokyo International Airport, Mini-bus pick-up service, hotel check-in.



DAY2: Visit Pro-drift car modification workshop and Tsuhiya Keiichi, the Drift King’s workshop and car models shop.



DAY3: Racing circuit visit and hot lap experience with current D1 champion racer



DAY4: Toyota Museum, shopping and Japanese cuisines



DAY5: Tokyo International Airport




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